45 Snacks Appetizers Recipes for Ramadan | Ramadan Recipes

Holy Month of Ramadan is started and I am sharing 45 appetizing snacks recipes which includes low fat non-fried tikki, cutlets, sundals, some fried goodies of pakoda, few filling chaat recipes and these chaats are very filling makes the meal by itself, Indo-Chinese recipe variety plus few chicken snacks, I have very less non-veg starter or snacks recipe so including whatever I have with me for now. But choose for below wide variety of snacks or appetizer for your Iftaar.

Iftar and Suhoor Recipes for Ramadan | Ramazan Recipes

Suhoor and Iftar Recipes for Ramadan
Suhoor (Sehri) and Iftaar Recipes for Ramadan - Holy month of Ramadan is here, I am listing few recipes which can be useful to plan the menu ahead for Sehri (Suhoor) or Iftar so you don't spend more time on planning menu but rather focus on Ibadaat or Prayers and Reciting of Holy Quran.

During Ramadan fasting having a balanced meal is important, plan your menu with a light starters/soup and less oily food few days if not possible in all days.