Navratri Recipes | South Indian Navaratri Recipes 2014

Navratri Recipes | South Indian Navaratri Recipes 2014

As Navratri is starting from 13th Oct 2015 to 21st Oct 2015 this year, Navratri festival celebrated across India in different forms and Durga pooja, dandiya & garba and kolu/golu (array of Idols) is famous among navratri customs. Nav means nine so it's 9 days of celebration and worship of Durga (Shaki/Devi) in different avatars and the 10th day is celebrated as Vijayadashami/Dussehra. I am compiling here for easy access of vrat or fasting recipes and general rules. Navratri Fasting (Vrat/Upwas) recipes or Navratri fasting food (vrat ka khana) and fasting rules or guidelines (Navratri Vrat Vidhi),

Apart from nine days of fun, food these nine days re-symbols Nine forms of Shaki or Durga are Bhadrakali, Jagadamba, Annapoorna Devi, Sarvamangala, Bhairavi, Chandika, Lalita, Bhavani and Mookambika.  In most part of North and Western India fast or Vrat/Upvas is observed during Navratri, in this period or in-general during fasting there are few rules observed though some of the rules differs in each household but general guidelines remains same even in other festival like Janmashtami, Shiv Ratri, Ekadashi etc. I have listed recipes suitable for vrat or fasting with some recipes needs to be modify where common salt is mentioned, replace it with sendha namak (rock salt), avoid turmeric powder anywhere mention and other ingredients that has been follow in your house, for more read below the rules and guidelines I have listed. You can always change or modify things according to your own customs.

You can check South Indian Navratri Recipes Here

Guidelines for Navratri Fasting (Vrat/Upwas)

  • People perform Pooja in the morning and evening after Sun set, light a diya and agarbatti.
  • Pooja is normally begin with Ganesh aarthi and vandana.
  • Generally people don't wear anything black during fasting period and doesn't cut hair or shave.
  • People keeping fast eat one meal a day and at one sitting. Some people chant Jai Mata Di nine times before and after meal.
  • Meal is eaten after performing evening Pooja and after keeping Bhog or Naivedyam for MataRani or Goddess and meal is eaten as prasad (naivedyam).
  • Milk, Fruits, Juice, Kheer can be eaten during day time. Some people only eat one meal after Sun set so it's your choice and customs what you want to follow.

Food not allowed in Navratri Fasting or Vrat

  • Onion, Garlic are strictly avoided.
  • Grains like rice, wheat flour, maida, Sooji (rava, semolina), Besan (chickpeas flour) are avoided.
  • Legumes and all dals are avoided.
  • Common Salt, turmeric, asafoetida, garam masala, dhaniya powder (coriander Seeds powder) are avoided.
*some people use mustard seeds (rai) and sabbuat dhaniya or coriander seeds are used.

Food Allowed in Fasting/Vrat or Upwas

  • Flours and Grains - Kuttu Atta (buckwheat flour), Singhara Atta (water chestnut flour), Rajgira Atta(amaranth flour), Sama Chawal (barnyard milet), Sabudana (Sago/tapioca pearls), Makhana (Foxnuts).
  • Fruits and Vegetables - All Fruits, Vegetables like Dudhi/Laudki (bottolegourd), Aloo (potato), Kaddu/kumhara (pumpking) Arbi/Kocchai (colocasia), Suran/Jimikanda (Yam), Shakarkhand (sweet potato), Kheera (Cucumber), Kaccha Kela (plantain).
*some people use Tamatar (tomato), Gajar (carrot), Kaccha Papita (raw papaya)
  • Milk Products & Dry Fruits - Milk, Curd, Paneer, Butter, Ghee, Khoya, Condensed milk, all milk prodcuts and dry fruits are allowed.
  • Herbs and Spices - Sendha Namak (rock salt) peanuts, coconut, imli (tamarind), Sugar, Honey, Gur (jaggery), cumin seeds, Choti Elaichi (green cardamom), Lung (cloves), Kalimirch (peppercorns), Jaiphal (nutmeg), Dalchini (cinnamon), Hari Mirch (green chili), Nimbu (lemon), Hara Dhaniya (coriander leaves) Kadi patta/meetha neem (curry leaves), Adrak (ginger).
*some people use red chili, red chili powder, pudina (mint leaves), amchur (dry mango powder), chaat masala, kala namak (black salt)

Disclaimer - I have tried to include everything to best of my knowledge, consulting with family and friends but as mentioned rules differs in each household so in your home if something is avoided or included do follow that and treat this as a general guidelines. If you think I should add something to this list do let me know. And if you try any of the recipe do share a recipe picture with me :)

Note - Avoid turmeric powder, salt and anything that's used in any of below recipes. Use the guidelines as mentioned above.

Also sharing Navratri color of the day that normally people follow during the 9 days.

2015 Navratri Color
Navratri Day 1
October 13, (Tuesday)
Navratri color of the day -
Navratri Day 2
October 14, (Wednesday)
Navratri color of the day -
Royal Blue
Navratri Day 3
October 15, (Thursday)
Navratri color of the day -
Navratri Day 4
October 16, (Friday)
Navratri color of the day -
Navratri Day 5
October 17, (Saturday)
Navratri color of the day -
Navratri Day 6
October 18, (Sunday)
Navratri color of the day -
Navratri Day 7
October 19, (Monday)
Navratri color of the day -
Navratri Day 8
October 20, (Tuesday)
Navratri color of the day -
Navratri Day 9
October 21, (Wednesday)
Navratri color of the day -
Sky Blue

Wishing you all Very Happy Navratri.

Sweets (Meethai/Kheer/Halwa)

Dates Sesame Laddu Coconut Laddu Sabudana Singhara Laddu
Nariyal Gulkand Ladoo Coconut-Jaggery-Ladoo Rasgulla
Kesar-Peda Dry Fruits Burfi Milk (Dudh) Peda
Dry Fruits & Figs Roll Singhara Burfi Badam Katli
Kaju-Pista-Roll Figs-Anjeer-Khoya-Burfi Sago Kheer Payasam
Sama-Chawal-Kheer Khajoor Kheer | Dates Payasam Dudhi Lauki Kheer
Makhana Payasam Apple Rabdi Apple-Halwa
Singhara Halwa Sweet Potato Halwa Carrot Halwa
Microwave Khoya Rajgira Halwa Nariyal Burfi
Mango Kulfi Yogurt PopsicleMixed Fruit Jam

Beverages (Juice/Milkshake/Lassi)

Punjabi Sweet Lassi Mango Lassi Strawberry Lassi
Vegan Mango Milkshake Vegan Figs Milkshake Fruits Nuts Milkshake
Mango Milkshake Banana Milkshake Apple Milkshake
Watermelon Juice Papaya Apple Juice Orange Sweet Lime Juice
Mango Juice Pear Orange Juice ABC Juice
Cucumber Lemonade Strawberry Lemonade Salted Cucumber Lassi

Appetizer (Snacks) and Accompaniments

Sabudana Vada Tikki Kela Aloo Tikki Raw Banana Chips
Vrat Ke Papdi Chaat Vrat Ke Dahi Puri Fruit Salad
Dudhi Lauki Raita Aloo Raita
Anar Raita
Vrat Ke Hari Chutney Imil Khajur Sweet Chutney Peanut Sesame Chutney
Roasted Makhana Imil Raisins Sweet Chutney Cucumber Raita
Tamatar Dhaniya Chutney Peanuts Sundal

Main Course and Side Dish

Vrat ki Idli,Dosa Vrat Ke Uttapam Sabudana Khichdi
Vrat Ke Aloo Puri Sabudana Thalipeeth Rajgira Paratha
Kuttu Ka Cheela Singhara Cheela Chilla Samvat Khichdi
Vrat Ke Pulao Sama Peanut Rice Samvat Dahi Chawala
Kachhe Kele Ki Sabzi Vrat Ke Arbi Sabzi Khatta Meetha Kaddu
Aloo Tamatar Sabzi Phalahari Lauki/Dudhi Sabzi Carrot Coconut Salad

DIY/How to Recipes

Homemade Dahi/Curd Homemade Coconut Milk Homemade Almond Milk
Homemade Cumin Powder Homemade Ginger Powder How to cutup Pineapple

Note - Avoid turmeric powder, salt and anything that's you don't use during fasting in recipes. Use the guidelines as mentioned above.

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