Navratri Recipes | South Indian Navaratri Recipes 2014

Navratri Recipes | South Indian Navaratri Recipes 2014

Navratri or Navaratri will be celebrated from 25th Sep to 3rd Oct 2014, Navratri festival is celebration of nine days worship Durga in different forms and tenth day is celebrated as Vijayadashami or Dussehra. In most of South India Navaratri is celebrated with keeping Kolu or Golu which is toys and Idols arranged generally in staircase or padi with 9 steps (some people keep 7 or 11 steps too) and pooja is performed 9 days where ladies are invited which is called for Manjal-Kumkum, bangles, bloue piece, mirror and small gift or fruits, sundals is given as door gift.

It's great fun to visit Golu and adore all those pretty Idols and toys and not to mention the yummy food is shared. Here I am sharing recipes related to South Indian way of Navratri celebration and you can use for Naivedyam or prasad, you can check my Navratri Fasting (Vrat/Upwas) Recipes here and since during these 9 days no onion and no garlic used in food so you can check the recipes here.

Note: Avoid onion and any other ingredients which you don't use for Naivedyam in below recipe if used.
You can check here No Onion No Garlic Recipes

Wishing you all Very Happy Navratri.

Sweets (Payasam Recipes)

Pasiparuppu Payasam Carrot Kheer Payasam Semiya Payasam
Dudhi Lauki Kheer Khajoor Kheer | Dates Payasam Sago Kheer Payasam
Kuthiravali-Kheer Rava-Payasam Vegan-Semiya-Payasam
Chana Dal Kheer Makhana Payasam Aval Payasam
Aval-Ladoo Dry-Fruits-Oats-Ladoo Coconut-Jaggery-Ladoo
Sooji (Rava) Ladoo Sesame Dates Ladoo Sabudana Singhara Ladoo
Coconut Ladoo Maaladu Coconut Khoya Ladoo

Sundal, Vada and Rice Recipes

Karamani Sundal Rajma Sundal Peanuts Sundal
Pasi Payru Sundal Mochaikottai Sundal Paasi-Payaru-Sweet-Sundal
Kondakadalai-Sundal-Recipe Urad-Dal-Medu-Vada Cabbage-Vadai
Maddur Vada Karamani Vada
Puliyogare Sama Peanut Rice Ellu Sadam

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