Diwali Roundup - Sweet Part III & Taking Break

Before moving over to roundup, let me tell you all that I'm going on blog break now. Actually I'm almost like in break too with posting only Diwali related posts this month :-)

I'm flying to India on 28th and will be back to SG during middle of Dec. So see you guys next year till I settled down with this new journey of my life and so with my work...till then you all takecare, have fun and enjoy the festive season.

I'm so happy hosting this event, first thing is we all share so much enthu, joy, fun and the best thing is we come to know of some great recipes, and some new recipes. Look through the roundup for some very new and wonderful recipes. Do check roundup part I and part II.

Dear Arundhuti has send yummy Malpua, and this entry has started the official beginning of Diwali Celebration being the first entry for the event:)

she send delicious, mouth watering and my all time favorite Rasmalai as the 2nd entry and 2nd entry for the event too :) and guess what I have received these entries the 1st day of announcement...and now tht's kinda cool rite ? ;)

Do you like Khoya or Paal Khova? Yes? Well then you will certainly will like this Khoya recipe Priya has made this recipe with Ricotta Cheese...yes you are red it write..with Ricotta Cheese. Check her space to find out the tasty, quick recipe.

I'm sure you all know carrot/bread/lauki and what n all halwa...but ever heard about chow chow halwa..no? Then check Priya space for easy recipe of Chow Chow halwa.

Here is simple and easy 7 cups cake, ohh you didn't get what's that then check Vidhya recipe for details.

Here comes traditional Tokkudu Laddu or Bandar laddu from Rekha for the original and authentic Rokkudu Laddu recipe check her space.

No event or celebration will be completed without Semiya/Seviya/Shavige and we have received the same yummy Shavige from Lakshmi too.

Do you know what's ABC Halwa? Okie let me enlight you all with this one...it's Apple, Banana and Carrot Halwa sent over by Sireesha for the event....if you want to do some serious drooling then only check her post...I'm sure every one of you will get tempted so much to try the halwa rite away.

Suma has sent over lovely Puran Poli before taking her short break due to house shifting. Check her recipe for the twist in the recipe ;)

I'm sure this must a new dish for few of us...Almond Puri with Fat-free milk halwa Anudivya has sent over this simple but delicious dish ...look at the pic to drool over and check the recipe at her space.

Every heard about Sweet Garelu? No?? They are sweet vadas...ya it's sweet vada...ususal vada soak in sugar syrup....this is a new dish for me and I think for few of you too, lets Thanks Rekha for the unique dish.

Rasgulla....the name itself make us drool and Sowmya has just did that. She says this is her first trial of Rasgulla but looking at those yummy things I doubt we can trust that ;)

I have never seen a Diwali in Chennai without the famous, a must Mysurpa. Every marriage, function, festival highlight has to be Mysurpa and Prema has just send us the very old Mysurpa, her mysurpak came out so well that they melts in mouth..Slurp! Isn't that mouth watering?

This is one sweet which I just love, we never make this at our place but use to get plenty from all our neighbours and it's the divine Athirasam making way for our event via Divya's kitchen. Her athirasam looks so gud I feel like grabing and eating...man I really missing athirasam now !

Next up is Maida Biscuit from Srivalli. It's easy to make biscuit which Srivalli says will be hit with kids. Check her space for the recipe and for her childhood memories.

Here is another new recipe to the event, I'm sure it must be new for few of you guys also ..Paradi Payasa and this comes from our new found blogger in SG Sushma to know more about this check her blog. She has given nice step by step instructions for all of us.

And ofcourse the Kesari is here too...sent us over by Radhika and guess what she made it in pressure cooker, check her site for the recipe which she says is fail proof ..and now that is gud :)

We all know about Coconut Burfi isn't it....how about coconut burfi with tapioca? Seems interesting rite....check Priya's recipe for this new and yummy looking burfi details.

If you need break from these wonderful sweets then check Purva's blog for some wonderful information on Diwali ..but diwali without sweet not possible correct...so munch some Gujjias/Ghughra along the way too...with the detail recipe.

Here comes Nutty Energy Power balls - Healthy laddu from Anudivya's place rolling and making it on our event..just to let you know guys (if you don't know yet) this is her 50th post...let's congrats her while admiring the healthy laddu

Here is Halwa of one kind Dumrot Halwa, Lakshmi has tasted them in one of marriages and got hooked to it..check her blog for the wonderful recipe.

Sukanya has sent us over something very interesting and yummy.... Instand Chocolate Malai Burfi which she says is instant hit at home and her kids loved it...check her recipe for the the quick detalis ...

Uma has made Coconut Burfi for diwali which looks delicious, along with that check her blog to checkout the cute pic of her son.

Here is another easy and tasty entry from Uma and that is White Pumpkin Halwa, check her site for details.

Mysore Pak making it's way one more time in our event but with the surprise and it's Coconut Mysore Pak sent us over by Jaishree, she says it's one of the easiest sweet to make. Check her recipe for the step by step details.

Okie people now drool over these lovely Jangri sent by Jaishree again, I'm sure all of us can't stop drooling over these sweet little jangri (off the record jangri is something very similar to Jalebi) more details on jangri and how to make them check Jaishree recipe with some handy tips.

Sarada has sent us Boondi Laddu which she says she is making for all the Diwali after marriage and it's the authentic recipe from her Athai, if you want to make Boondi Laddu for any occasion then check her recipe for the detail procedure and tips.

So after boondi Laddu, we can feast on some perfect Badam Burfi and Moongdhal Ladoo sent us over by dear Cham. Check her recipe for the wonderful recipes and also the memories she has written about her way of Diwali :-).

It was so sweet of dear Shreya to sent us all some yummy looking Appam for the event though she on vacation now. She says this year has been special Diwali for her cause she has celebrated it with her family, check her space for the yummy appam recipe.

Next up is Besan Laddu from Siressha place, she says these laddu are very easy to make and thus remainding me that it has been very long since I had them. Let us all feast virtually on these laddu, check her blog for simple and easy recipe.

Here comes the my entries for the event, Gulab Jamun made by my BIL

And Suji Laddoo which was prepared by me ususally every year on Diwali.

Hope all of you enjoyed the roundups as much I did hosting this wonderful event. Thanks you all for all the support, do keep checking our festive food event. See you guys next year till then be happy and enjoy.

I have try to included all the entries, if I have missed out any kindly do let me know.

Diwali Roundup - Savoury Part II

I'm back with second part of Diwali roundup, did you guys check the Part I? Here is one more exciting round with all the savoury to drool over. Thanks to all of you for sending such wonderful recipes/entry for the event. So, lets start our part II and enjoy the snacks.

I have try to included all the entries, if I have missed out any kindly do let me know.
The first Savoury/snack entry came from dear Priya of Easy N Tasty Recipe, and the feast starts with ever green our very own Chakli or Muruku. I have never seen a Diwali without Chakli/Muruki whether it be our house or any one else ...so starting our savoury list with Chakli is great. Priya has sent over Coconut flavour chakli/muruku which she adapted from her mom recipe and she has share some very good useful tips with us.

Next some Pakora...and it's Sprouted Moongdal Pakora.. a healthy and delicious pakora which she guarantee that will disappear in mins :)

Next is something which will make you drool over..it's a crunchy, yummy snack to eat anytime ..Ribbon Pakoda...yup it reminds the sweet shops displaying fresh different kind of pokoda. Vidhya has sent over this wonderful pakoda for the event...get the recipe on her blog to make some.

Whether it's festive, weekend or rainy days the first thing comes in mind is Pakodas.....Lakshmi has sent crispy Pakoda over to the event for all of us to enjoy too.

Here comes Uppu Seedai..the regular seedai we can find in most of the shops in Chennai/TN. This is one of the simple things which you just can't stop eating ;)...Lakshmi has sent us over Uppu Seedai in Oval Shape and they are looking very cute. Check her recipe along with useful tips.

Ok this is one savoury which I never heard of and that too being in Chennai!! It's a totally new for me and guess what am loving it....it's call Seepu Seedai. Look at the pic and tell me if you don't like to grab them and eat it. This is is also from Lakshmi. In btw Seepu means Combo and because of this combo like shape this snack got the name says Lakshmi.

Ribbon Pakoda appearing second time in our feast from Prema's Kitchen, check her recipe for othe perfect ribbon pakoda recipe.

Here comes Muruku from Divya's place to our event, look at those muruku and tell me if can say Divya made them for 1st time. Doesn't look rite? I think the same, but she is satisfy from her 1st attempt and that's sure gives us reason to check her recipe :)

One more muruku entry from Priya, after her muruku with coconut flavor this time is for the moongdal muruku which she says is very popular with kids, am sure it's hit with all age group people.

Ribbon Pakoda is making 3rd time entry into our event...from this you can understand how famous and delicious this savoury should be. Sukanya has sent us this lovely looking pakodas...which she enjoying muching with tea.

It's Murukku again, and this time from Sarada's place, she has written her childhood memories how she used to enjoy the process of her mom's making murukku. Check her recipe for the details and some wonderful tips.

So you guys thought you had enough of murkku? Wrong, murukku is still going strong in our event and this time it's Shreya's contribution. This year Diwali has been special not only for Shreya but for me too, we got to meet eachover and it was so wonderful to meet the fellow blogger :)...do check her blog for the her version of murukku.

Here comes a typical Bengali starter Daler Vada from Sudeshna's place. Check her post to check the lovely diyas she and her sister have painted together.

It's back! Yup it's murukku :)..hehe it's real fun now, and this time from Kayal for whom this year Diwali is very special; check her space to know what's special with diwali and also to know different kinds of flours used and how to prepare/make them.

Let's go a little light on stomach with some Quick bhadang, this one is from Vandy which she prepared during Diwali.

Here is detail guide on how to prepare traditional Gujarati's Mathiya from Purva which she prepared this year following her Granny's foot step...how cute.

And here comes my entry for the event. Sev, Mathi and Namakpara which we make usually in all the Diwali in our home.

Arundhuti has send successfully 3rd dish as Mangsho Ghugni. Now check her blog to find out what's that, but let me tell me it's very different ;)

So after all the snacks and savory lets finish off the feast with a perfect Diwali Thali/Meal, sent us over by Veda check her space for the wonderful recipes.

So guys that's all for now...I'll be back with roundup part III so do stay tune and check the space for update :-)....and Thanks a lot for all your support, incase of any correction please do let me know.

Diwali Roundup Part 1

Hello friends, hope everyone is doing fine. Thanks a lot for all your concern of my disappearing :-)...nothing much I'm just plain busy and held up with work, unable to do any blogging. Also doing the so late roundup of Festive Food: Diwali Event.

There are so many entries that I lost the count ;)....so not holding you guys any further (since I know most of you are waiting for the roundup) let's check out the 1st part of Diwali roundup of Diyas/Lamps, Rangoli and other decorations.

I have try to included all the entries, if I have missed out any kindly do let me know.

Let's start the roundup with Ganesh. This is done in our house on Dhanteras day.

And pray to God to get the blessings.

Arundhuti brought these diyas from Diwali market in Kolkata...such lovely and cute diyas...wonderful choice what say?

Checkout the simple and elegant Flower Rangoli made by Purva for Diwali.

Check out the lovely and wonderful diyas Shreya has purchased from Little India (Singapore), also check the cute design mehndi she has applied on her daughter and niece hands :-)

Aren't these are cute diyas & Mehndi ?

Check our bong gal Sudeshna post to know how she has painted lovely diyas, and the rangoli.

Here is the beautiful display of Diyas/Lamp from Uma, check her blog for the Sweet Pongal recipe.

Here is the way Sukanya has celebrated Diwali this year..these wonderful rongali, decoration. Visit her post for the nice bhajan link and other details.

Colourful Rangoli:

Here is wonderful display of serial lights and Lanterns.

And comes my entry for the event, diyas painted by ourself.

Colour and flower rangoli done by my sister.

Thank You all for the wonderful entires...stay tune for the next part of roundup.