Cashews & Banana Halwa?

Cashews & Banana Halwa?

t ever happened to you? You started preparing something and ends up with something else?? Well, it does happens to me every now and then ;)....I was so excited about this new dish I saw in TV and I liked it so much that I thought of giving it a try...after much of delay I got down to business and while in process I knew it's not what I was looking for but instead it became halwa... :-(

So here is the blunder (but a sweet one ;) )..and as for the original recipe...well wait until I try that once again ;)


1. Dry roast cashews - around 15-20 [skip this step if using roasted cashews]
2. In a blender place roasted cashews, 1tps Honey, 1/2 tps oil and make a fine paste. [It will look something like this, little more oil can be added]

3. Take 2 ripe banana and slice them
4. In a pan add 1/2tps of butter (I used ghee) and 1 tps of sugar, cook until sugar gets dissolve.
5. Place the banana in pan and fry both sides until brown.

6. And here is the halwa process started...banana became soggy and there was no more slice left...I thought for a while wondering what to do with it and then just added the cashew paste, mix everything well together cook for more 2-3mins and halwa was ready.

Well it was actually quite okie, banana and cashew tasted gud together :-)

This goes to Nivedita's Celebrate Sweets~Halwa Event.