Blog's 1st Anniversary with Mango Pistachio Icecream

Blog's 1st Anniversary with Mango Pistachio Icecream

Celebration Time...Blog's 1st Anniversary!

Ya it's 1st Anniversary for Indian Khana today and 6months of my wedding too:-)  Actually I never thought I can complete one year of blogging, what started as fun has now become passion. It's not only about showcasing  one's recipe but learning others, making friends and come to know lot of new things. Lucky for me I have done all of these during this last 1 year.  So it's time for Thanks giving again and I would to love do that to all your guys...Thanks for visiting, commenting and inspiring me to blog.  Thanks to all the lovely friends whom always ask me to come back if I disappears. 

Celebrating the 1st anniversary with Mango Pistachio Ice cream.  We got this Alphonso [Haapoos] Mango ..juicy, sweet...umm it's so delicious.  These mangoes are good to enjoy just like this but I thought of making ice cream, and decide also to use pistachio for added flavour.  This is my 1st trial and  it came out quite well,  so here is the recipe

Mango Pistachio Ice Cream


Alphonso Mango - 2 [Use any other type of mango if you wish ]
Pistachio - 25-30 pieces [ optional]
Milkmade - 100gms [Use more or less according to taste]
Milk - 250ml


1. Squeeze the mango and collect all the pulp.  If you are doing can pulp then it saves time.

2. Boil the milk and cool it off to room temperature. 

3. Soak of the pistachio in water for min. 15mins this helps to remove the skin easily. Remove the skin and chop them.

4. In a blender/mixi  add milk, milkmade, mango pulp, half of chopped pistachio. Blend it 2 mins. 

5. Pour in a container and freeze for min. 2-3 hours. Take it out from freezer and blend again for one min, place it in container.  Add half of remaining pistachio and fold gently.

6. Freeze again for 3hrs or until the ice cream sets.  [you can repeat beat the ice cream again a few times to make the ice cream soft]

Yummy ice cream all set to enjoy :)

Another Looks ;)