Instant Toast & Awards

Instant Toast & Awards

e got this Ciabatta in mini toast form and suddenly I thought of making some snack of it ;)..this is really very simple that you guys might think why am posting this but I simply loved the pic ;) for that ..hehe ..and sure kids will love this.


Take few toast pieces (used here is wholemeal) and apply different kind of spreads, Jam etc.
I have used Peanut butter, Mix fruit jam, Hazelnut chocolate cream, Orange jam....just apply your choose of topping in each toast and enjoy it :)

This server as tasty, quick breakfast or snack. And the goes to Gayathri's Magnificent Click Contest 2009

Now moving over to awards, Jaishree from Ruchi has passed me these wonderful and cute award 'Circle of Friends' and 'Yum-Yum blog award'. Thanks you so much dear....

Raji from Rak's Kitchen is sharing with me “Nice Matters Award". Thanks a lot dear...I posted the award here before..

I would like to pass all these award to everyone visiting this blog ....we all are in the circle of friends now :-)....

Talking of friends...dear Lakshmi from Taste of Mysore is hosting this fun filled event call 'Meals on Wheels', ..and what exactly is all this event about? To know more check her space and take part in the wonderful event.