Gobi Paratha

Gobi Paratha

Ok, after creating the blog it was time to cook something. So I zero down to make Gobi Paratha with curd raitha after so much brainstorming for what to cook!

Here is the recipe which is pity simple...special mention to my nephew Kedar who helped me during the process including taking pictures. As this is my first recipe to blog it, please excuse if the steps are not in details or clear.


For Stuffing:

Gobi - 1 full or 1/2 flower (depending on number of person eating)
Red chill power - 2tps
Tumeric - 1/4tps
Coriander powder - 1 tps
Garam masala powder - 1tps
Salt - to taste
Sunf - 1/2tps
Oil - 1 or 2 tps

For Dough:

Atta -
salt - 1tps (be careful as we already added salt in the gobi mixture too)
water -
oil -

For Raitha:

Curd - 1/2 cup
Jeera powder - 1tps
salt - to taste


Boil the gobi in water for 10mins for cleaning and to kill any worm.

Grate the gobi or use food processor for shredding and keep aside.

In the pan add oil, sunf, shredded gobi and fry for 2-3mins

Now added all powder masalas, salt and fix well.

Cook for 4-5 mins until the masala is cooked properly. Replace the gobi masala in a bowl and let it cool.

Make the dough mixing atta, salt and water. Make small ball of atta and stuff the gobi masala in it.

Roll it to small paratha and cook in tawa both the sides until golden brown apply oil/ghee/butter.

Gobi paratha is ready.

Now time to make curd raitha. My nephew helped me to do this while I was making the parathas, I have just given him instruction how to make.

Beat the curd added salt and jeera powder and mix. Curd raitha is ready.

Hot parathas and raitha is serve to eat along with mango


  1. gobi parantha,..looks delicious...lookin forward.. for more from ur blog,..nice one,..doesnt look like first ...good to know tht u got inspired by me,..i got inspired by lakshmi,..nd in some day...maybe u will inspire some one day in the coming time...u will inspire some one,..

  2. hi priti u can editimages,..u can resize images...according to the space available in ur blog,..then ur images will be more clear,..

  3. Thanks for your comments...I'll resize them.

  4. Hi Priyanka,

    I have resize the pics, let me know if this looks okie..

  5. Hi Priti, your description and pictures doesn't show that you are blogging for the first time:)

    Looking forward for more recipes...

  6. Thanks Illatharasi for your generous words :-)

  7. Gobi paratha looks good... Nice step tp step snaps.... send it to the roti mela hosted by srivalli...


  8. Hi Subha,
    Thanks for the suggestion, I have sent my entry for the Roti Mela :-)

  9. When u send the entry u shud link it back to the psot... that is.. u put in about the entry that ur sending it to...write about it in ur post....about roti mela and if possi put the roti mela logo here...:)

  10. And I tot I have already written about the entry I'm sending the recipe too?? Am I missing something?

  11. after reading, im really going to try this. and i agree the step by step is very detailed!

    its healthy and so good with 'curd'.
    could u advice what type of 'curd' is it? a particular brand? available at...


  12. silentjess --> Tanna??

    I used homemade curd, you can use any plain yoghurt available in fairprice...can try Paul's brand too..

  13. had tried the paratha... hubby liked it very much... also sent it for the YRR event of TOI...

  14. A nice recipe with detailed steps..Looks delecious.. keep blogging :)


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