Uppu Seedai | Janmashtami Recipes

Uppu Seedai | Janmashtami Recipes

Uppu Seedai-recipe
Wishing all Happy Janmashtami celebrating whomever today or tomorrow.  For us Krishna Janmashtami day of fasting so we don’t make any goodies and the neivedyam my mom use to make was very different, I shall post some time that I am sure most of you will say it’s very new.    We are not celebrating any festive this year but all this seedai recipe in blogs has tempted me from last year to try.  I learnt seedai recipe from my sister’s friend when I was kid, once I was over her house and she made it in front of me and give me seedai or golgula as we use to call it back then packed in box to take back home from that time I am big fan of seedai and force my sister to make for me (oh ya that time I was not allowed to go near gas) after I that I tried it few times and never had any bursting experience.  I never knew seedai burst in oil until I read in blogs, so don’t think too much if you haven’t had any unpleasant experience just go ahead and try this.  Not only for Gokulashtami, it also makes a wonderful snack.   Another easy and quick recipe Krishna Jayanthi recipe is Poha Kheer you can try.

Easy Seedai recipe gokulashtami-recipe
Rice Flour – 1 Cup
Urad Dal Flour – 2 tbsp
Butter/Ghee – 2 tbsp
Sesame Seeds – 2 tsp [ I used white & black 1 tsp each]
Asafoedtida – 1/4 tsp
Grated Coconut – 2 tbsp
Salt – to taste
Water – To knead
Oil – For deep frying

 Uppu-seedai-krishna janmashtami-recipe

1. Heat a pan/wok and sauté rice flour for a minute or until it starts to steam.  Don’t let flour change it’s color.

2. Sauté for a minute urad flour and coconut.


3.  In a bowl sieve both flours and add coconut, salt, sesame seeds, salt, butter/ghee, asafoedtida and rub with hands to get wet sand like consistency. 
~ I forgot to add black sesame and added that later so you don’t see that in this pic!

easy seedai recipe

4. Now add water in small quantities and mix well to form soft pliable dough.  Keep aside for 5 minutes.

5.  Take a pinch and make into small ball and repeat same for rest of dough, arrange in newspaper or kitchen towel.   While making balls don’t apply any pressure, do it gently and don’t try to get perfect round shape.  


6. Heat oil for deep frying and add seedai in batches.  Deep fry in medium-slow flame until golden brown or oil’s 'shhh' sound ceases with stirring in regular interval for even cooking.


7. Drain in paper towel.  Store in air tight container after seedai comes to room temperature.

Uppu-seedai-krishna jyanthi-recipe

Note ~
~ You can use either white or black sesame seeds if you wish.
~ Fry seedai on small batch first if you think they might burst.
~ Don’t apply any pressure while rolling balls or make it smooth to avoid it from bursting in oil.
~ You can prick seedai with tooth pick to avoid bursting.

Have a nice day ~~
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  1. Thanks Priti for the lovely comments. Seedai looks fantastic..We have this Kerala with beef fry,,very yummy.
    U have done it so perfectly and very well explained..
    Hope u are doing fine??
    How is Puasa going on? Its 1 ys since we last met. Remember...
    Do visit my place if u come to Premas house..

  2. The seedai looks great and crisp too...Happy Janmashtami

  3. The seedai looks great and crisp too...Happy Janmashtami

  4. Hi Priti,

    Seedai looks Delicious!!!

    Keep on Dear:)

    Inviting to my blog:)


  5. Nice seedai,looks delicios dear...parcel me some naa

  6. This so simple and looks very testy..i will surely going to make it.

    Joint Replacement India

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  8. looks very delicious. Am planning to make them too for the festival :)

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  12. Happy Krishna jayanthi dear,we are celebrating 2morrow...Seedai luks perfect...well explained.

  13. Happy Krishna Jayanthi to you!!! We are celebrating it on sep 8th. your seedai looks very perfect. Like the perfect round shape.

  14. Happy krishna jayanthi.Wonderful seedai...

  15. Perfectly made and well explained,looks yum.

  16. Lovely..not a easy recipe...have not dared to try see dais yet...Good job

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