Easy Microwave Khoya Recipe

Easy Microwave Khoya Recipe

Easy indian sweets for diwali kalakand khoya recipe in microwave Wishing all Happy Bakrid/Hari Raya Haji. 
Khoya making from condense milk and in microwave is of the easy tasks, I have been doing this for so long but it never occurred to me to post this recipe as it’s really very easy.  But this time while I was making khoya I decided to take pictures.  Can you believe homemade khoya in less than 15 minutes with just 5 ingredients?   This sweeten khoya can be done in jiffy and works as charm as a sweet or as khoya to prepare any other Indian Sweets.   You can eat this with roti, paratha, poori or even with bread or crackers.  Now that Diwali is coming up it’s good to have these handy recipes either to make last minute quick and easy sweet or to make quick khoya required for other sweets.   

easy 15 mins indian sweet in microwave kalakand for diwali recipe
Traditionally khoya is made with boiled milk and simmering it in flow flame with continuous stirring to reduce, this takes lot of time and quite exercise to arms.  But this recipe is done in microwave so it’s fast and no arm wresting here ofcourse we stir every minutes but that’s not very difficult task.    Try this easy and quick khoya and you never going to look back. 

Easy microwave indian sweets kalakand
Ingredients: [Yields – 1 Cup Khoya]

Condense Milk – 1 tin [ I used low fat]
Curd/Yogurt – 6 tbsp
Milk Powder – 30 gms/2 tbsp
Cardamom Powder – 1/2 tsp
Chopped Dry Fruits – 2 tbsp

easy microwave kalakand khoya palkhova recipe

1. Pour condense milk in a large microwave safe bowl, do you large bowl as it’s rises in progress. You really don’t want to clean the mess after. 
2. Microwave for 4 minutes with stirring after every minute.
khoya kalakand diwali sweet recipes3. Add  1 tbsp of curd at a time and mix well.   
easy condense milk khoya kalakand diwali recipes 4. Now start microwaving for 10 minutes with stirring once every minute until 7 minutes.  After 7 minutes I started to stir every 20 seconds as the milk was rising very fast.
easy indian sweet khoya recipe5.  Add cardamom and milk powder and mix well.  Add dry fruit and mix well  stirring for 1-2 minutes. Khoya will be still a bit loose don’t worry about that, it will get absorb later.
easy quick khoya diwali recipes
Enjoy the quick, easy khoya as it is or use it to make any sweet. 
Easy kalkand palkhova khoya recipe with condense milk diwali sweets recipes
Variations ~
~ Since there is no paneer added it can’t be cut into pieces so enjoy this as it is.
~ Use this sweet khoya in any sweets/halwa etc, but reduce sugar.
~ If you are using full cream condense milk you need to use 3-4 tbsp of curd and microwave only for 5-6 minutes or until it gets thick. 
~ Use only fresh curd and not sour ones.

Have a nice day ~~
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