Anjeer Suji Phirni | Diwali Recipes

Anjeer Suji Phirni | Diwali Recipes

Phirni is creamy and very rich dessert, traditionally made with grounded rice but here I am using Suji/Semolina which can be done in jiffy.  If you are pressed for time during this festive season and want to still make something different then phirni with figs and semolina is a great idea+recipe.  The versatility of phirni makes it a perfect for any party, get-together or potluck as we can make plain, saffron, nuts, fruit phirni using both rice or rava.  Here I used anjeer/dry figs which not only add good taste and crunch to firni but also it helps to reduce sugar in dessert as figs are sweet by itself.  Creamy chilled phirni with anjeer bite and cardamom flavor is so good and yum, it’s difficult to describe.  If you get fresh anjeer then use that as nothing beats fresh fruit. 

As Diwali approaching I thought of using this kulhar to give authentic look, also phirni is normally served in earthen cups/bowls as it’s helps to absorb the moisture from phirni making it more thick ,dense and delicious, don’t trust me?  Try it.

Kulhar is a traditional clay cup/tumbler unpainted and unglazed from North India and is meant to be disposable.  Now a days there are so many other types of kulhar made of terracotta, plastic, painted and what not (you see one in my this lauki kheer post too) but those are not authentic.  It’s divine to drink tea in kulhar and the fun to break the kulhar with a loud thud, tea definitely  taste much better if kulhad is used. 


Dry Figs/Anjeer – 1/2 Cup [Chopped]
Milk – 500 Liter / 3 Cups
Ghee – 1 tsp
Chiroti Suji/Rava/Semolina – 1/4 Cup [you can use regular rava too]
Sugar – 1/2 Cup [ or to taste 3/4 to 1 Cup]
Saffron – a pinch
Cardamom Powder – 1/2 tsp
Sliced Almonds & Pista – 3 tbsp
Sliver Varq – For Garnishing [optional]


1. If using dry figs soak in hot water for 30 minutes, this will help to remove impurities and also soften anjeer.   Once soaked rinse under water and finely chop.

2. Meanwhile keep milk for boiling and once it starts to boil, allow it to simmer until we need.

3. In a pan heat ghee and add suji.  Roast until light golden brown and aromatic. 

4. Now add milk and stir well to avoid any lumps.  Cook in medium flame for 2 minutes to thicken phirni, add sugar and stir.

5. Once phirni becomes thick or the consistency you prefer is reached add cardamom powder, chopped figs/anjeer and mix well.

6.  Add dry fruits (keep little aside for garnishing), mix everything well and off flame. (after adding anjeer don't cook for long)

7. Allow phirni to come in room temperature, transfer in a serving bowl or individuals serving glass/bowl what ever you are using, cover the glass/bowl with cling and chill in fridge for at least 30 minutes before severing.   

Garnish with nuts and serve.  Enjoy these easy yet delicious Phirni.

How To prepare Kulhar To Use

1. Wash and immerse kulhar in water for 15 minutes or longer. 
2. Hold water in kulhar/kulhad and check if it’s liking from any side, if yes you may not use that depending upon what you are planning to serve.
3. Rinse again in water and pat dry with clean cloth. 

Our kulhar is ready to use.

Have a nice day ~~
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