Homemade Ginger Powder Recipe

Homemade Ginger Powder Recipe

This ginger powder recipe post is pending from the time I posted garlic powder.  Making ginger powder at home is so easy and economical, not to mention freshness we get can’t be compare.  I used to buy ginger powder and never really like the smell and after a while it’s turns into bad smell and taste.  This ginger powder recipe is again my SIL recipe, she makes this in huge batches and keep.

I had step vise picture, now it seems I lost those, but this recipe is so simple and straight forward that stepvise pictures are really not indeed.  You can make this in small quantity for a start if you want and store.  Try this once and you will not go back to store brought ginger powder anymore.  If you like ginger tea then mix little amount of this ginger powder with tea dust/powder and store, you easy instant ginger tea ready.

Fresh Ginger – 1/2 Kg or as you want


1. Wash ginger 5-6 times in fresh water each time or until ginger gets very clean.  We don't have to peel ginger.
2. Chop ginger in to small pieces.  Smaller you make better it is.
3. Sun dry ginger pieces in a clean cloth for 2 days or until ginger gets completely dried, it may take 1 day or 3-4 days too.
4. Once ginger is totally dried pulse in mixer or spice grinder into fine powder in batches if making in large quantity.
5. Sieve ginger powder, transfer back the remaining amount into mixer and grind again.
6. Sieve one more time and sun dry for 30 minutes ginger powder again.
7. Store in air tight container and use as required.

The powder you see in picture is more than a year old and it’s still fresh with strong fragrance. 

 Have a nice day ~~
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  1. Gud recipe..u have lot of patience in making these kind of powders

  2. very good recipe Priti.. Never tried or heard from mum or MIL.. Easy on our purse

  3. Useful post,lovely pics Priti...

  4. wonderful post...hanks for sharing

  5. Homemade is the best. Thanks for sharing

  6. Lovely recipe

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  7. Hello mam , thanks for sharing the tip...this is indeed useful .

  8. Lovely pics of the powder. Never tried making at home.

  9. Will make some soon, am gonna say no to storebought ones from now.


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