Thinai Idli Dosa | Foxtail Millet Idli Dosa Recipe | Thinai Recipes

Thinai Idli Dosa | Foxtail Millet Idli Dosa Recipe | Thinai Recipes

Thinai Idli Dosa, thinai arisi idli dosa, foxtail millet idli dosa is healthy,  vegan, diabetic friendly breakfast recipe with gluten-free option and it's also good for weight watchers like any other millet recipe. Foxtail millets are high in Iron content and these millets are totally pest-free. Foxtail not only not need any fumigants, but act as anti pest agents to store delicate pulses such as green gram. They also control blood sugar and cholesterol levels & increase HDL cholesterol. Also known as foxtail millet in english, Kangni or Kakum in hindi, Korra in telugu, Thinai in tamil, Navane in kannada, Thina in malayalam, Kang in marathi & gujarati, Kangni in punjabi, Kaon in bengali and Kanghu in oriya, know more about millets here.

This thinai idli is the second idli recipe that I tried after ragi, thinai is something I didn't posted much recipe with it's not that it's difficult to cook but like I said multiple times by now I mostly cook thinai as normal rice and serve with side dish but then this idli, dosa was to try something different from doing the routine and it does makes wonderful and healthy breakfast option.


If you are starting with millet idli-dosa then it's good to add raw rice or idli rice along and after you get used to it you can skip the rice totally this is how I do normally, we can cook this idli-dosa with out using idli/raw rice too and it does comes out wonderful so go ahead and make this idli gluten-free if you wish too. Yes, I know I just posted ragi idli-dosa recipe and next am posting this but I happily forgot ignore to take any picture this week so using this picture which I took some time back to keep the millet friday momentum going :)


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Thinai Idli Dosa Recipe | Foxtail Millet Idli Dosa

Healthy, vegan idli, dosa with thinai (foxtail millet).
Author: Category: Breakfast Cuisine: South Indian
Prep Time: Cook Time: Total Time:
Yields:18-20 Idlis


  • 2 Cups - Thinai/Foxtail Millet
  • 1 Cup - Idli Rice or Raw Rice
  • 3/4 Cup - Whole White Urad Dal
  • 1/2 tsp - Fenugreek Seeds/Methidana
  • 1/4 tsp - Soda Bi-Carb(optional)
  • As needed - Water
  • To Taste - Salt
  • To Cook - Oil


  1. Rinse 4-5 thinai (millet), idli rice and urad dal. Soak thinai, idli rice together and urad dal with fenugreek seeds with ample of water (I normally add water covering 3-4 inches above rice and dal) for 4-6 hours. Soaking with enough water ensures dal and rice both gets double in quantity. You can use the same water for grinding.
  2. Use large jar to grind batter, in jar add soaked dal and fenugreek seeds add 1/4 cup of water and grind in high speed for a minute, add 1/4 - 1/2 cup of water again and grind until smooth, urad dal batter will be soft, fluffy and smooth if grind properly with enough water. If your mixer start making noise add more water.
  3. Thinai-Foxtail-Millet-Idli-Dosa
  4. Transfer batter to a large container that you wish to store batter in. It has to be large as the batter will double after fermentation.
  5. Now in the same jar add half of thinai,rice (I normally grind in 2 batches, you can do the same in 3 batches too), 1/2-3/4 cup of water and grind for 2-3 minutes in high speed. After each minute stop the mixie and check if more water is needed. If more water is need add 1/8 to 1/4 cup of water and grind again. Idli batter will have slight grainy texture (more like texture of super fine semolina).
  6. Thinai-Foxtail-Millet-Idli-Dosa
  7. Transfer batter to the container we transfer urad dal batter. Now add remaining thinai & rice and water same like in above step grind.
  8. In a small bowl dissolve soda with 2-3 tbsp water, add this water to prepared batter with salt and mix gently to combine everything together, using hand is best option (you can skip soda, generally I add).
  9. Cover and let it ferment for over night or 8 hours. If your weather conditions is cold it might required another 1-2 extra to ferment.
  10. To make idli, take required amount of batter in another container add salt (if not added before) and stir gently, do not over mix. Grease idli plate with oil well or lay wet cloth or use wet muslin cloth, fill each impression with a ladle ful of batter or until 3/4.
  11. Meanwhile add water in steamer or pressure cooker and let it start to steam, place idli plates stand close steamer or pressure cooker (don't use cooker weight ) and steam for 10-12 minutes. Off flame and allow it to cool, take out the idli stand and sprinkle little water on each plate, use a spoon to scoop out idli. If using cloth then gently invert the cloth to remove idli.
  12. Thinai-Foxtail-Millet-Idli-Dosa
  13. To make Dosa - heat a tawa and pour one full ladle or 1/2 cup batter and rotate in circle to make round dosa. Drizzle oil or ghee in corner of dosa, cook until edges becomes brown and edges starts to leave tawa, carefully flip the dosa and cook for another 30 seconds, repeat same for rest.
  14. Thinai-Foxtail-Millet-Idli-Dosa

Serve hot or warm with chutney, sambar, idli podi.

  • You can make thinai idli without rice for that skip idli rice or raw rice and make this millet idli with only thinai and urad dal, replace the rice with more of thinai, ratio remains the same but the idli will not be fluffy like what you see in this pictures.
  • Water is the most important factor while grinding idli-dosa batter in mixer/mixie. If you add less water idli won't be soft but be careful with this thinai idli batter as it doesn't get thick and if happen to add extra water than the next day batter will be watery.
  • If you are using grinder to grind the batter then use 1/2 cup of urad dal.
  • For more notes refer to my idli dosa in mixer post.

Enjoy the healthy, vegan thinai idli and dosa.


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