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I am Priti, most of you know me at least by my name if you follow my blog.  For long I wanted to do a About Me page but whenever I start to write I end up wondering what to write about me.

I will start with my work as it's important part of  my life, I am currently managing Database Administrator (to know what is that please google it) and Middleware teams.  Work has been great so far though it has it's own ups and down, but I love my work.  I learnt a great deal from my job specially on people and time management.

 More on myself - I lived most of my life in Chennai, for some time I was in Hyderabad (I like that place) and it's been more than a decade I am in Singapore,  in between visited few cities and countries.  I'm married, I refer my husband in my posts as DH (Dear Husband - a lot of people asked me what's DH, so now you know).  DH prefers simple dal and rice any day over any fancy meal, so you can imagine the plight of food blogger :(  My husband is a kind of person who doesn't complain nor compliment, he will hardly compliment me that means the food is exceptionally good.

As a kid, I never cooked or enter the kitchen, my venture with cooking started only after coming to Singapore.  After my college I used to come home early and to time pass I started cooking dinner, the surprise was from the beginning I cooked everything alright, I hardly did any mistakes or blunders and that's fabulous provided the fact that I never learnt cooking from anyone, I just remember how my mother or sister used to cook.
And from there my cooking journey started, my sister and brother in law liked my cooking, they will pin point my mistakes or praise me thus allowing me to venture into many things, I cooked for many get-together or potlucks as I hardly had anything else to do.   I started this blog without the knowledge of what is blog all about as I never followed any blog to understand it, I just started this blog to send my entry for an event..ya that's me!  And now it's has been 4 years + and it seems like yesterday it all started.

I mostly cook Indian food as that's our daily staple with thrown in other cuisines and baking once in a while.  The one thing I tried after this blog is frosting cake as before I used to bake only tea cakes.  Blogging has been so far a wonderful journey, I am learning many new recipes, cuisines, culture and the most important part - gain good friends.   There were few good friends whom along the way vanished and few others came in, making the circle keep rolling.

Recipes published in this blog is fully tried and tasted in my kitchen, I post the recipes which I look on daily basics so you can see mostly I have is curry/sabji recipes.  I cook maximum of vegetarian food and now days I started to venture into non-vegetarian food too.  If you want to see anything specific or have a recipe request then do let me know I will try my best to do that, do browse Recipe Index to search for the recipe you are looking, if it's not then then make a request.

All recipes, pictures are copyright of this blog, do not copy or produce without my consent.

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  1. Nice Page dear,All the best for ur Wonderful Future...

  2. Nice to know more about you priti, love ur space for ur creativity. Keep posting good recipes

  3. Hi Priti, ur blog is great ,a lot of variety i can see....shall try them one by one...great presentation and a wonderful job.

  4. great presentation and wonderful job...i like the variety of recipes in ur blog and they are so colourful and appealing...shall try them all.

  5. Priti..a lot of things matched in our profiles foodblog-Chennai-Hyderabad-DBA would like to connect with u more :)


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