Mirch Ajwain Paratha | Easy Paratha Recipe

Mirch Ajwain Paratha | Easy Paratha Recipe

Mirch Ajwain Paratha or teekha ajwain paratha is variation of normal ajwain paratha. In all the paratha I make ajwain paratha the most as it's easy yet flavorful and goes along anything.  It's perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or for lunch box and use to be one of regular in our lunch box during school days too. Twist to usual ajwain paratha is adding mirch/chili, added here is green chili paste but there are few options how we can make these paratha too.

This mirch ajwain paratha brings a good change to normal paratha it's not on very spicy side but just mild hints of spice making it suitable for all. In any case you can adjust chili paste quantity to suit our needs and enjoy the paratha. This paratha is also very easy to make with no complications.


I made this paratha on one of day for a pooja and that day I cooked a feast with so many things which you can see from the picture itself other few things are missing in picture too.  As I was involve in heavy cooking asked my mil to help me in rolling paratha in which she is very good while I was focusing on my beetroot sooji halwa.


You can make this paratha for lunch box it's a very good option for that and goes well with any side dish like chole, shahi bhindi, paneer butter masala, aloo matar tari, rajma masala or even with dry sabzi like besan bhindi, bharwa bhindi, aloo sabzi. You can try this with any dal too or for a quick breakfast option have it with tea :)  During this festive season you can try this paratha too even for your parties.

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Mirch Ajwain Paratha Recipe

Mirch Ajwain Paratha Recipe

Spicy twist to normal soft, delicious ajwain paratha. An easy paratha recipe for lunch box, breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Author: Category: Main Course Cuisine: North Indian
Prep Time: Cook Time: Total Time:
Yields:10-12 Parathas


  • 3 Cups - Wheat Flour/Atta + For Dusting
  • 1 tbsp - Ajwain/Carom Seeds
  • 1 tbsp + for cooking - Oil/Ghee
  • 1 tbsp - Green Chili Paste (or less)
  • 1/2 tsp - Salt
  • 1 1/2 Cups (or as required) - Water


  1. In a large bowl take flour, ajwain (carom seeds), green chili paste, salt, 1 tbsp oil or ghee and mix well to combine.  Add water in small quantity and make soft pitiable dough.  Divide dough in to equal portions (10 to 12)
  2. Mirch-Ajwain-Paratha-Easy-Paratha-Recipe
  3. Shape into smooth balls, flatten them and dust with flour and roll into roti.
  4. Mirch-Ajwain-Paratha-Easy-Paratha-Recipe
  5. Apply oil or ghee all over roti and sprinkle little flour. Fold 1/3 of roti from each side making 2 folds and again apply oil, fold again 2 times.
  6. Mirch-Ajwain-Paratha-Easy-Paratha-Recipe
  7. So in total we folded it 4 times, dust with flour and roll into square paratha. You can roll these in triangle parathas too, repeat same for rest of dough.
  8. Mirch-Ajwain-Paratha-Easy-Paratha-Recipe
  9. Heat a tawa and place a paratha cook for 1 minute or until small bubbles starts to appear. Flip paratha and apply ghee or oil.
  10. Mirch-Ajwain-Paratha-Easy-Paratha-Recipe
  11. Flip again and apply ghee or oil on another side and cook for 30 seconds to 1 minute (depends on your flame) or until paratha gets cooked and small brown patches appear. Flip again and cook again for 30 secs to 1 min. Repeat same for rest of parathas
  12. Mirch-Ajwain-Paratha-Easy-Paratha-Recipe
Serve hot or warm with any side dish of choice, raita, pickle.

Soft, little spicy and flavorful mirch ajwain paratha.

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