7 Links Game

7 Links Game

Hope everyone had a great Diwali celebration, it’s time to take break & relax now and I am just going to do the same.  It’s been long I am tagged by Prathibha and Prema for this 7 link games and it’s time for me to look through the blogging journey.    Thank You guys for tagging me, here I go

My Most Beautiful Post: Apple Compote Financiers.  I think you all will agree with me on this one, don’t you?  The name is complicated but the recipe is very simple and the end result you see for yourself.  I have received lot of compliment for this post and few people did try this too. 

Apple Compote Financiers Recipe
My Most Popular Post: Prawn Masala. This recipe was 1st non-vegetarian recipe on my blog which was done by Sis and BIL, so far this is one post that tops high number of hits for each month and top in search too.  This is one recipe where I got maximum feedback from readers, few have commented in blog and lot of people mail me with full appreciation for this recipe.  Some times simple things makes big difference and this masala prawn is true example of that.

Prawn Masala
The Post I Am Most Proud Of: Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookie, These cookies I baked for my nephew, after eating these cookies my BIL, Sis and nephew declared I am good baker Smile it’s so difficult to get compliment from them. Them n my colleague both said these cookies taste just like shops one’s, what else to make me happy.  Few of my friends tried it and loved too. 

Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe
Most Useful Post:  Chawal Ki Roti.  This is one of the best use to use leftover rice and prepare a tasty dish.  Most of the time I do this,  lot of readers and friends has tried this and loved it.

2011-09-24 14.40.28
Surprise Success Post:  Aloo Gobi Ki Sabji.  One of my another popular post, it’s easy, delicious and very authentic recipe.  And this is one recipe for which I get lot of compliment every time I make this.  Again received good feedback for this recipe too. 

Aloo Gobi Ki Sabji
Another post surprise successful post is Murkku Sandwich.  I never expected to get the huge response I received from this post, lot of query and lot of people tried it.  

Muruku Sandwich Recipe
Most controversial post: None so far

Post Which Deserves Attention, But Did Not Get As Much:  I have lot of posts which needs attention Smile If I have to point now I would say Marmer Cake, It’s a very simple recipe with a tasty result, it looks so pretty still didn’t get much needed attention !

Marmer Cake Recipe

I would like to tag Lubna, Ramya, Indrani, Ramya Bala, SapthnaFaith & Priya.

Have a nice day ~~