DIY: Homemade Decorative Diyas | Hand painted Diyas Design Ideas

DIY: Homemade Decorative Diyas | Hand painted Diyas Design Ideas

Diwali celebration and diyas/oil lamp goes hand in hand.  Though filling the diyas with oil and lighting the lamp might be tedious job but after lighting all the diyas or oil lamp all around the home it’s looks so beautiful and that’s makes me so happy.    We can do the same with candles but the authentic feel diyas gives candles can never do that, I personally think so, do you agree?
And if the diyas is painted and/or decorated by ourselves then it’s gets better.  Each year we do this and paint diyas by ourselves, it’s so easy and fun process.  You can involve your kid and make this as a project for them, they will do this much better than you expect and will be engage for some times, giving you opportunity to finish off your other works, does this sounds interesting to you now, no?  Okie, if I say we can recycle these diyas and make it new each year with new colours and design now interested? 

 All we need:

Clay Diya/Oil Lamp
Oil or Water Colours or any paint colours
Small painting brushes
Tissue and newspaper

Glitter or plain colourful glue

And your creative ideas

Spread the newspaper on working area and keep all your diyas and other item ready. 

Ideas to paint diwali lamps diyas

Do a base coat of any colour you like if you are using water colour then you might need to do double coat, here used is golden colour and around the corner you can use glitter colour glue and make any pattern/design as you like.  Just some simple dots, lines and see how beautiful it looks.  These diyas were design by my nephew.

How to make design  your DIY diwali diya lamp at home

Or you can do like this, use a base colour, here red is used and then with sliver and golden colours dots are made in simple pattern.

Homemade Designer Diwali Diyas

Here a closer look, so pretty I think.  And guess what these are the same diyas as the above golden painted you see, it’s just been recycled with new base colour and design.  Not only we go green but also make it look new and interesting each year, cool rite?

DIY Diwali Diya Lamps Ideas

And our diyas are ready to lighten up our home and life.

DIY Decorative  Deepavali Diya Oil lamp ideas hand painted diyas
Simple isn’t it?  Hope you got inspired and will try to be creative too.  

  If you are still not able to decide what to make for Diwali then checkout the roundups for some motivation. 

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 And if you would to know how Diwali or Deepavali is celebrate across India then check out this Diwali Celebration Details.

Have a nice day ~~
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  1. All set to celebrate Diwali Dear.Nice decorative lamps.Luv it

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    Hamaree Rasoi

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