Navratri Recipes | South Indian Navaratri Recipes 2017

Navratri Recipes | South Indian Navaratri Recipes 2017

Navratri is starting from 21st Sep 2017 to 29th Sep 2017 this year, Navratri festival celebrated across India in different forms and Durga Puja, dandiya & garba and kolu/golu (array of Idols) is famous among navratri customs. In North India during Navratri fast is observe with some very strict rules to follow and again the rules changes from house to house or region to region. Like in my place the rules are very strict. And in South India specially in Tamil Nadu Kolu or Golu as we call it is special for Navaratri where array of Idols is being arranged and some people do the arragements theme base too. It's so much fun to go and visit golu and eat all the yummy prasadam, I used to visit golu in my childhood at neighbours places and my friend's house, I really miss so much of those now.

Nav means nine so it's 9 days of celebration and worship of Durga (Shaki/Devi) in different avatars and the 10th day is celebrated as Vijayadashami/Dussehra. Apart from nine days of fun, food these nine days re-symbols Nine forms of Shaki or Durga are Bhadrakali, Jagadamba, Annapoorna Devi, Sarvamangala, Bhairavi, Chandika, Lalita, Bhavani and Mookambika.

Here I have listed all the recipes which we can prepare during Navratri in South Indian style, where mostly onion and garlic is not using in Navratri celebration and prasadam but if you are fasting then most of the below you can't use it. You can check out my Fasting Rules, Procedure and Recipes collection here.

You can check No Onion No Garlic Recipes Here

Note - Avoid onion, garlic if mention in any of the below recipe.

Also sharing Navratri color of the day that normally people follow during the 9 days.

2017 Navratri Color
Navratri Day 1
September 21, 2017 – Yellow – Shailputri Puja
Navratri Day 2
September 22, 207 – Green - Brahmacharini Puja
Navratri Day 3
September 23, 2017 - Grey – Chandraghanta Puja
Navratri Day 4
September 24, 2017 – Orange – Kushmanda Puja
Navratri Day 5
September 25, 2017 - White – Skandamata Puja
Navratri Day 6
September 26, 2017 - Red – Katyayani Puja
Navratri Day 7
September 27, 2017 – Royal Blue – Kalaratri Puja
Royal Blue
Navratri Day 8
September 28, 2017 – Pink – Saraswati Puja, Durga Ashtami, Mahagauri Puja
Navratri Day 9
September 29, 2017 – Purple – Mahisasuramardini

Wishing you all Very Happy Navratri.

Poha (Aval) Laddu Dry Fruits Oats Laddu Coconut Jaggery Laddu
Maaldau Coconut Laddu Sabudana Singhara Laddu
Coconut Khoya Ladoo Dates Sesame Laddu Rava Laddoo
Besan Ladoo besan coconut ladoo Panchakajjaya
Kesar Peda Milk Peda Dry Gulab Jamun
Khoya Gulab Jamun Gulab Jamun Kaju Pista Roll
Rasgulla Rasmalai Dry Fruits & Figs Roll
Sooji Kheer Payasam Phool Makhana Payasam Samvat Kheer
Moong Dal Kheer Payasam Semiya Payasam Seviyan Sago Kheer Payasam
Chana Dal Kheer Poha (Aval) Kheer Carrot Kheer
Dates Kheer Vegan Seviyan Dudhi (bottle gourd) Kheer
Dry Fruits Burfi 15 Mins Khoya Tirunelveli Halwa
Apple Halwa Beetroot Halwa Tirunelveli Halwa
Mango Sooji Halwa Carrot Halwa Atta Halwa
Sooji Halwa Beetroot Sooji  Halwa Paka Kolar Bora
Sweet Green Gram Sundal Sprouted Green Gram Sundal Rajma Masala Sundal
Verkadalai Sundal Mochakottai Sundal Lobia Karamani Sundal
Black Chana Sundal Lobia Vada Masala Vada Paruppu Vadai
Urad Dal Vada Cabbage Vada Coconut Rice
Ellu Sadam/Sesame Rice Puliyogare/Tamarind Rice Lemon Rice
Sama Peanut Rice Fruit Salad Dahi bhalla

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