30 Drinks (Beverage) Recipes for Ramadan | Ramadan Recipes

30 Drinks (Beverage) Recipes for Ramadan | Ramadan Recipes

Holy Month of Ramadan for 2014 is starting today and I am presenting 30 refreshing beverage recipes including juice, milkshake, lemonade, lassi, smoothie and iced tea to choose for your Iftaar. Spend more time on Ibaat and less time on your menu planning so this year I am bringing various recipes collection and drinks plays a important during Ramadan to keep self hydrated, try to include juice, lemonade, milkshake etc which doesn't only make us feel refreshed but also helps to hydrate.

Pick different recipe each day to make it interesting which can be loved among family and friends. Hope this drinks list helps you in your planning, stay tuned for more recipes collections which I will be posting shortly.

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Beverage (Juice/Milkshake/Lemonade/Smoothie)

Watermelon Juice Papaya Apple Juice Orange Sweet Lime Juice
Mango Juice Pear Orange Juice ABC Juice
Mango Ice Tea Homemade Almond Milk Kiwi Cooler
Cucumber Lemonade Strawberry Lemonade Jaljeera (Mint Lemonade)
Mango Delight Thandai Fruits Nuts Milkshake
Mango Milkshake Banana Milkshake Apple Milkshake
Cookie Milkshake Strawberry Oats Milkshake Papaya Milkshake
Vegan Mango Milkshake Vegan Figs Milkshake Salted Cucumber Lassi
Mango Lassi Strawberry Lassi Cumin Buttermilk
Punjabi Sweet Lassi Beetroot Buttermilk Neer Mor (Spiced Buttermilk)

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