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Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

This post to wish Happy Birthday to Kedar (my nephew)...I'll update the post again the pictures etc as I don't have the pictures now with me.

I have baked a cake as surprise and wake him up at midnight to cut the cake and to check the presents. But my cake was as usual ...so so...need to improve a lot...:(:(..

But here again Wishing U very Happy Brithday Kedar....
Tum jiyo hajaro saal ...saal ke din ho pachas hajar ........

Wait for the remaining post.....(will be in a day or two ;) )

the story continues .........

Ok so he cut the cake in the midnight & was more interested to open the presents specially his car !! On 1st brought cake from Swensen's, We suppose to go out for dinner but Kedar wanted to buy back the food and eat at home with candle light ( I have no clue from where he got this idea!! Kids now a days !! ) so sis brought food, snacks from outside. In the evening he cut the cake again (the cake which he likes!!) we all had snacks, tea. He started playing with his car and later we had dinner.

We suppose to go to Zoo on Saturday or Sunday but didn't make it due to work at home :-( So this was the birthday story. Sorry guys I did lot of editing ...I know you all are expecting big big writeup but am kinda not in mood for that nor has the time :(....here is the link for the photos.....

And the most important thing is Thanks a lot for your wishes (from me) :-). And Kedar also want to say Thanks U All for wishing, he was very happy reading all the messages from everyone.