Janmashtmi Special: Bread Dahiwada, Seviya, Puri with Channa Masala

Janmashtmi Special: Bread Dahiwada, Seviya, Puri with Channa Masala

uite a long title rite? Ya I know but what to do I had to include everything ;) It has been raining cats and dog here during last weekend and rain makes me very lazy ..I just feel like doing nothing but relax :p

Sunday was Janmashtmi, I hope everyone celebrated with much joy and funfare. It has been busy day for me too. Since it was only me and Kedar for lunch and he loves Chawal Ka gatta so I made that for him (for recipe click here) , I just topped up the gatta with some cheese for him...and he enjoyed it even more. Later in the evening I made Bread Dahi Wada from Priyanka's blog, she has submit bread dahiwada for the Rakhi event and I thought of giving it a try and I must say it was gud. Very different, quick and tasty...none figured out it's bread dahi wada until I told them! So if anyone wants to try then go ahead :)

The only thing was; I was not sure how the bread dough will be but in the end I came up with something. So if you are going to try this please add the curd only in small portions or you'll end up adding more breads like me ;)

I did little changes to the recipe like for the stuffing I used raisins, cashews and a pinch of cardamom powder. I also stir fry the wada instead of deep frying.

The wada looked like this:

And also I soak the wadas in curd for more than 2-3hr before severing.

Here is closer look

I have also used edges of the bread (as it not used in wada). After frying the wada, I used the same pan, added 1tps of grated garlic and saute it. Added the bread edges, 1tps redchilli powder, 1/2tps turmeric powder, salt to taste and fry it in low sim for 10mins. Severed with Mitthi chutney and tea as evening snack.

For Seviyan or Semiya Payasam check recipe here

Dinner was black chaana sabji, puri and seviya. I'll post the channa masala sabji later till then have a look at the pic ;)

Everything goes to Festive Food event hosted by myself and Purva.


  1. bloghopping teaches so many nice recipes..trust you had a fun time celebrating janmasthami..

  2. Everything looks delicious...loved the idea of bread dahi vada..:)

  3. Hmm so many delicious recipes Priti, Hope u had a great time :)

  4. good to knw u liked,..eveerythin looks good,..i prepared alloo subji nd poori will post soon,..ceeya,..

  5. Thank you for inviting me to your community I'll surely join.

  6. so many delicious recipesEverything looks good..

  7. I've heard of bread dahi vada but never tried it myself.

  8. That is quite a feast you had Priti on Janmashtami..while some of us were fasting. Bread dahi wada is very interesting. Will be making that soon.

  9. everything looks really delicious..especially the bread dahi wada and so creative to make those fritters with the bread edges..nice post..keep rocking..
    Btw, this time i have submitted my coconut burfis for your festive food event..on time!!!

  10. So many recipes at one go...truly rocking Priti

  11. thats a big menu dear...bread dahi wada..is so tempting..thanks to priyanka and reposting it by you

  12. wow .. soo many dishes .. i loved all of them .. bread dahi wada is a new dish to me .. looks lovely ..

  13. Everything looks good and delicious......Hope u had a great time :)

  14. U had a yummy feast on Janmashtami, Seviyan looks drooling and Chana Masala with Puri wow sounds soo delicious and inviting
    and Bread Dahi wada looks really tempting.

  15. Wow...nice spread u manage to cook on janmastmi..i'm sure after a long day u enjoyed it with ur family...waiting for more!!

  16. wow! very tasty recipes and luring pics......luv 'em all

  17. Hi Priti
    Thanks for visiting me..you have a lovely blog here. The dahi wadas look pretty interesting.

  18. Hi Priti,something is waiting for u in my blog collect itsoon:)

  19. thats great festival menu! all of them sound delicious.. bread dahi vada is very new to me..

  20. you ve a small treat waiting for u collect it from my blog

  21. Yes LG, it's wonderful trying others recipe..

    Usha thanks dear :-)

    Ya Cham had gud time..:)

    As I said Priyanka ..it was gud and everyone like it..Thanks again for sharing the recipe :)

    Sudeshna Thanks dear :)

    Thanks Myviews for the comment and for the award too :-)

    U should try also Jayashree..it's gud

    hehe ya Nidhi...hope you had gud fasting too :)..let me know when you try bread dahi wada :)

    Thanks Sowmya..& thanks for the entry too :)

    Thanks Sukanya (I have spelled your name rite ;) )

    Yes Ramya dear..thanks to Priyanka

    VPji thank U :)

    Yup Sireesha, had gud time :)

    Purva, the feast is for your event only dear ;)...I just helped you by consuming it :P Thanks for the award

    Ya Bhawana, everything was fast to cook, so not much of problem...

    Sangeeth..thanks for the lovely comment

    Bharti...thanks for stopping by here..

    Sujatha, thanks for the comment ;)

  22. Wow priti, the festive fare looks amazing! Its been agaes since I had some of these. Delicious!

  23. Delicious and mouth-drooling entry priti, keep rocking gal !!!

  24. You made all of those in a day! Now, you make us all look bad, just kidding.
    nice work!

  25. wow! yummy dishes for janmashtami!

  26. va re priti, wht a delicious feast?...hope ur janmasthmi was filled with happiness and joy and had a great time with ur food too..

  27. hehe thanks KF :)

    Thanks Madhavi :)..hope you are fine now.

    Divya..we need to real see Priyanka work to feel bad! Check her blog..inbtw thanks dear:)

    Srilekhaji..thank U :)

    Suma dear..yup had great time only the rain was making me lazy and the house looks so untidy during rain !

  28. Thank you for your lovely entry :-)


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