Happy Independence Day & Happy Varalakshmi Puja

Happy Independence Day & Happy Varalakshmi Puja

to All. Yes, it's important day for all of us and we are so happy about it. We have so many wonderful bloggers whom have written so many good and interesting thing about Independence Day and so many wonderful, creative recipes.

So on a lighter note, back in India, during this time all the channels will be playing all Desh Bhakti songs and movies. And I have too many songs & movies as my favorite... talking about songs the first song comes to my mind is Mere Desh ki Dharti....., Ae Mere Vatan ke logo…., Vande Maataram…. , some of the movies are Karma, Most of Manoj Kumar's movies, recent good movies are Rang De Basanti, Chak De India etc.

So what's your favorite Desh Bhakti or Patriotic song or movie??

Also, Happy Varalakshmi Puja to everyone.



  1. I wonder of you are a North Indian or South Indian. You know everything that is south Indian even varalakshmi pooja. HAPPY INDEPENDANCE TOO YOU. VANDE MATARAM

  2. Happy Independence Day & Varalakshmi pooja to you too

  3. My favourite is also Desh ki darti and many tamil patriotic songs;)

    Happy independence day and varalakshmi pooja:)

  4. Happy Independence Day dear...
    Just now i had finished my Varalakshmi pooja...Thxs dear

  5. Happy Independence Day !!!!

    Oye Filmi....Idea accha hai....Desh Bhakti Song....
    There is very old song from the old movie ''Anand Math'' I like the Vande Mataram Song in this movie sung by Lata Mangeshkar...It is very fast rendition of the song and is in sanskrit....
    And one more song which is very close to my heart...''Ae mere Pyaare Watan'' from the movie Kabuliwalla...
    In this movie Balraj Sahani is away from his homeland and he remembers his watan.....beautiful lyrics...
    There are always tears in my eyes when I listen to this song...

  6. Hi Priti..Thanks for taking a look at my blog..

    Happy Independence Day and Varalakshmi puja..

  7. Happy Independence Day and Varalaksmi Pooja

  8. Happy Independence day to you dear n hope ur varalakhsmi pooja went out well

  9. Dear Sukanya....hehe I always believe am Indian...north, south me kya rakha hai :p\

    Thanks VP, KF, Sripriya, Lavi, Sukanya R, Cham and Ramya...Wisheing you all the same.

    Vani, hehe I know we have similar likes ;)

    Purva, you are rite...these songs are my fav too...I didn't mention Vande Mataram...coz I thought only few ppl knw that ;)..I love that song too...but you know I heard the song umpteen numbers of times but till now didn't seen the song...perhaps it's time to do some googling ;)

    And Ae mere pyare watan..you are rite its quite a emotional songs with wonderful lyrics...I liked the line particular about bride, chuti...etc..kinda so senti !

  10. wow, I love this chat and your chocolate milkshake, will try this and post it in my blog soon


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