Karwa Chauth Recipes | Karwa Chauth Process and Recipes 2014

Karwa Chauth Recipes | Karwa Chauth Process and Recipes 2014

Karwa Chauth Recipes
Karwa Chauth or Karva Chaath is festival dedicated to husbands and their well being. Karwa Chauth is on 11th Oct 2014 this year, celebrated mostly in North India Karwa Chauth is special to married women and now days also to unmarried girls. Thanks to hindi movies and serials this festive is growing each year with the fun & fare they show in movie and serials making it very interesting. Planing the dinner menu in advance always helps and do here listing the recipes to plan your grant Karwa Chauth dinner. If you don't eat onion and garlic then skip that from below recipes if mentioned. Wish you all Very Happy Karwa Chauth, God Bless.

Karwa Chauth falls on 4th day of Kartik month, Karva means earthen pot and Chauth means 4th on. This day married woman keep fasting from Sunrise to Moonrise for longevity, prosperity and safety of their husband.

Karwa Chauth Recipes

In each home and state rules/process of fast is different by the baseline is always same.
  • Fast from sunrise to moon rise without eating or drinking anything.
  • In Punjab women eat pre-dawn and it's called Sargi normally prepared by mother-in-law and in Uttar Pradesh women eat on the eve of festival. It's believed eating early morning or on eve helps women to keep fast.
  • Morning time women keep themselves busy with preparing for evening pooja, applying mehdi (heena) and meeting friends, family.
  • Women fasting on this day generally doesn't do any house work.
  • In the late afternoon women gather at temple or home and perform Pooja, a mud pot filled with water, flowers and Godess idols are kept during this Pooja. Elderly narrate Katha (story)/legends of Karwa Chauth and it's do's and don't.
  • Normally women wear their wedding dress or heavy saree, suit etc in red, pink, maroon, brown color with jewellery and other stuff.
  • Once moon rises women see moon through a sieve or moon reflection on a plate (thali) filled with water, see husband through same sieve. Offer water to moon and pray, perform husband's aarthi, seek blessings and finish the pooja.
  • Then husband gives first sip of water and feed sweet to wife to break the fast and after this women has complete meal.

This post is collection of sweets, snacks, paratha, puri, rice, curry recipes ( If you don't eat onion and garlic then skip that from below recipes if mentioned) you can try during Karwa Chauth day and celebrate the festive with fun and fare.  You can refer no onion no garlic recipes here, and if need any non-veg recipes then click here.  Do share your celebration pictures with me.

Sweets Recipes (Mithai/Kheer/Halwa)


Beverages Recipes


Appetizer and Snacks Recipes


Soup & Salads Recipes


Accompaniment Recipes (Raita, Chutney)


Main Course Recipes (Paratha and Rice)


  • Plain Thepla - Thepla or masala roti, a good twist to normal paratha.
  • Methi Thepla - Popular Thepla with methi leaves.
  • Mooli Paratha - Easy and filling mooli paratha.
  • Aloo Gobi Paratha - Goodness of potato and cauliflower in this easy paratha.
  • Jeera Rice - Simpel and flavorful Jeera rice or pulao.
  • Peas Pulao - Mild and easy peas (matar) pulao.
  • Kashmiri Pulao - Mild, aromatic, sweet and colorful Kashmiri Pulao.
  • Bagara Bhaat - Easy, flavorful Bagara Bhaat from Hyderabadi Cuisine. 
  • Sprouts Fried Rice - Healthy fried rice with sprouts and vegetables.
  • Veg Fried Rice - Popular restaurant style fried rice
  • Paneer Pulao - Easy one pot meal paneer pulao in pressure cooker.
  • Babycorn Biryani - Easy one pot meal flavorful babycorn biryani in pressure cooker.
  • Paneer Pulao - Easy one pot meal spicy tindora pulao in pressure cooker.
  • Carrot Rice - Carrot rice made with cooked rice, carrot and spices.
  • Sesame Rice - Nutty, flavorful sesame rice
  • Broccoli Pesto Pasta - Easy and healthy pasta with broccoli pesto.
  • Eggplant Pomodoro Tomato Pasta - Pasta with eggplant in tomato sauce.
  • Spicy Veg Noodles - Spicy noodles with loads of vegetables.

  • Side Dish Recipes (Sabzi, Dal)

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